The Paladin Trilogy, three novels of heroism by James A. Hillebrecht, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

The Paladin Trilogy

"Juggernaut, a weapon of the ancient wars, bursts forth from a shattered vault deep beneath the mountains to smash its way through the walls of castles and cities alike, clearing the path for the conquest of the barbarian horde of Alacon Regnar. In answer comes a single warrior, Darius Inglorion, riding a great stallion, wearing antiquated armor, and armed with a living sword, Sarinian the Avenger, to rally the divided principalities which lie paralyzed before this terrible armada. Darius is a Paladin, a holy warrior, who overcomes treachery and accusations of heresy to stir the hearts of men and lead them to fight the invaders to a bloody standstill.

But it is then that the true purpose for the release of the Juggernaut explodes upon all involved, and Paladin and monstrosity alike are revealed as naught but pawns in a far greater Game, a Game for dominion of all the world."

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Here's what Amazon users are saying in response to the exciting first novel in The Paladin Trilogy by James A. Hillebrecht, A Rage in the Heavens:

A Note from the Author

"All my life, I have been drawn to the idea of the hero. Not the sports icon or the historical figure or the military man with medals and ribbons and marks of rank. But rather to the heroic that seems to lie within all of us, the sense of rising to meet a challenge, the strength to endure adversity, and the courage to stand against that which is wrong, no matter the consequences, no matter the cost. A writer writes for an audience of one, for himself alone, and the great leap of faith is the hope that if he succeeds in touching the emotion within himself, he is able to touch a kindred spirit in the hearts of others.

That was the inspiration behind my writing of The Paladin Trilogy, and the other books in that series still to come. I offer them now to you in the hope you will find as much joy in the reading as I had in the writing."